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Snail Water pipe bubbler - Smokers Paradise Clearwater
Snail Water pipe bubbler - Smokers Paradise Clearwater

Snail Water pipe bubbler

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Snail water pipe bubbler is American made, hand blown and finished with perfection . You will fall in love with this at first sight . 

  • 3.75" Tall
  • 3.5" Diameter Base
  • 6" Over All Length
  • Snail Shaped Water Pipe
  • Custom Glass Work Throughout
  • 14mm Female Built In Down Stem
  • 14mm Male Glass On Glass Bowl


Bubblers work exactly like Water pipes but are smaller and therein lie the benefits that make them so appealing.

It resembles a pipe mouthpieces of different styles, a carb, a bowl and a neck.

The downstem is fixed and you ride the carb to build up the smoke depending on how deep a hit you prefer.