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Premium Smell Proof Storage Case - Smokers Paradise Clearwater
Premium Smell Proof Storage Case - Smokers Paradise Clearwater

Premium Smell Proof Storage Case

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The Premium Smell Proof Storage Case by Herb Guard

The Herb Guard Smell Proof Case is designed to keep your contents fresh and safe whether you're looking for storage in your home or while your traveling. The case comes equipped with 2 smell proof travel bags and UV Jar .

The case holds up to 3 oz's and measures at 9 by 6 by 5 inches, large enough to comfortably hold all of your items yet compact enough to store and travel comfortably.

The Premium Smell Proof Travel Case

The Herb Guard Smell Proof Case makes for the perfect travel companion when keeping your goods fresh and protected.

The case is small enough that it's easy to travel with and store in your home, yet large enough to hold up to 3 ounces of your favorite coffees, herbs, spices and teas. It also comes with a convenient mesh pocket on the outside cover to conveniently organize and pack accessories and keep them separate from your goods inside the bag.